Three Must Do’s in the city of Seoul.

South Korea has been all the buzz these days, thanks to its flourishing entertainment industry that has taken over the world by storm. Whether it be K-Dramas or K-pop, I’m sure you’ve noticed their popularity one way or another. 

And the main city where all of this is coming from, is Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is an absolutely stunning city filled with so much to do and so much to see, but with so little time. So to help you out, here are three must-do’s in the city of Seoul

#1 Go Shopping. 

Shopping is something that you should never take off your list when visiting the city of Seoul. Or any city in South Korea for that matter. 

The city is filled with shopping centers like the Express Terminal Underground Center, which is a shopping center underground, Myeongdong, where you can buy all of your cosmetics, and much more! So shop till you drop here in Seoul! 

And if you want to bring some gifts back to your family or friends, then Insandong has got you covered. Here, you can buy traditional souvenirs that really show Korea’s history and culture. So make sure to get some on the way out! 

#2 Go to a jjimjilbang. 

A jjimhilbang is basically a bathhouse, and is something every tourist should be able to experience! Because here you’ll get to experience more than just a regular shower with hot water. 

In a jjimjilbang, you can get a seshin, which translates to a full-body scrub. But it comes with a bit of a twist! You see, they use traditional methods to do this body scrub, and it can get pretty painful, so be sure to get ready for that. But the end result is worth it, as you’ll come out of the bathhouse feeling refreshed and a new person! 

It’s something that you can only experience in South Korea, and the best way to go about it is by visiting one of their jjimjilbangs! So make sure to get one while you’re in the city! 

#3 Indulge in the food. 

The food in South Korea is unlike any other traditional western food. It involves a lot of fast-paced chewing and really makes the person work for their food. Plus, there are a bunch of varieties to it! 

The best one is probably eating at some of their samgyupsal, which basically has you cooking your own food, but with unlimited side dishes and meat. You can also have some of their street food, which is pretty quirky and interesting, to say the least. Some favorites are hotteok, which are sweet pancakes, and kimbap, which are seaweed rice rolls

You can, and should, never go hungry in the city of Seoul. Even if you can’t find a nice restaurant to it in, you can always be sure that a street vendor will give you what you need to eat! 


The city of Seoul is an interesting and fun place to visit! With various shopping centers, traditional bathhouses, and endless amounts of street foods, you’ll find yourself moving a lot around the city. And that’s how it should be! Because Seoul is a city that livens up your soul!…

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Here are Three Things You Should Definitely Do While in Normandy

Normandy is known to all as the location of the infamous D-Day. An event during World War 2 that completely changed the tides of the war to the west’s side. But not only that, but it was also the day where countless soldiers lost their life. And has now become a landmark where the people can see and experience what it was like to actually be on that beach. 

But D-Day is not the only thing that defines Normandy. Because this country also has some of the most beautiful sceneries in Europe. With quaint seaside resorts and rolling green hills filled with sheep and breathtaking mountains, Normandy is considered to be almost fictional. And in this fictional place, there are more than enough things to do to satisfy your adventurous side. So without further ado, here are the three things you should definitely do while in Normandy. 

See the White Cliffs of Etretat. 

One of the best tourist destinations in all of Europe, the white cliffs of Etretat are a natural wonder to behold. With pearl white limestone cliffs that almost seem surreal and along with its beautiful arc formation; this is the place you want to be in if you’re looking to live out your wildest medieval fantasies. 

You can trek along the cliffs at the top for a stellar view of the ocean and the rest of the cliffs. But if you’re looking for something more thrilling, then you can take a gravity-defying trail that will lead you straight to the Needle, which is a landmark that is a 70-meter high rock jutting out of the ocean. Either way, this place is a spectacle, so make sure you don’t miss it. 

D-Day Beaches. 

No stay in Normandy would be complete without visiting the beaches where the West landed in order to infiltrate Germany. It is a historic site, where countless souls were lost for a greater cause. Here, there are also countless museums and memorials dedicated to those people who put their life on the line. These museums span across 50 miles, so getting a tour guide would probably be for the best. 

But even without visiting the museums and just taking a stroll on that beach, you will be able to have a more eerie experience. The same sands you would step on were the same as those who laid down their lives and met their fate on that beach. It is truly a dramatic and memorable experience to have. 

Relax in Claude Monet’s House and Garden. 

The home and garden of the artist Claude Monet is open for the public to see and tour. It has been preserved throughout these years in order to remember the late artist. You can go and have a tour around his home which is located in the town of Giverny. Here, you will be able to put yourself in the great artists’ shoes, and may even help motivate you to paint yourself.

But the main highlight here is definitely his astounding garden. It is filled with flowers that bloom throughout different seasons, in order for it to always look vibrant and alive. He designed them in a way to make it look as if they were wildflowers, which has helped make them a famous tourist destination. 


Normandy is a place where history and culture meet. Despite it’s dark and violent past, and even if it will always be remembered for the event that is D-Day, the city of Normandy is, and always will be, a beautiful and stunning place to visit. …

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The Best Cities to Visit in Italy.

There is no doubt that Italy is a sight to behold. Her countless fields, spectacular views, beautiful people, breathtaking art, and mouth-watering food has made the country a must-visit for just about everybody in the world. It’s a place that everyone has put into their bucket list of places to go during their lifetime. But if you had the chance to go now, would you know where you would want to start? 

To help with that, this article has included three of the best cities to go to during your stay in Italy. It may not be all of the best, but these ones should not, under any circumstances, leave your list. So without further ado, here are the best cities to visit in Italy. 


Rome is one of those places that you only seem to see in the movies. It feels so surreal and looks like a complete fantasy. With its defining architecture like the Colosseum, or the Sistine Chapel, it’s an undeniable stop for tourists to come and visit. Not only that, but the city is home to some of the best foods you will ever taste in all of Italy. And that should be enough reason to go there, really. 

There is no place like Rome anywhere in the world. From the crowded streets filled with tourists to the intagrammable alleys around every corner. The city is one place you should always try to visit. 


Although Rome takes the first place for the best places to travel to in Italy, Florence is a close second because of her unrivaled beauty. Home to what seemed like the biggest change in Italy, the Renaissance, Florence flaunts herself as the pinnacle of fashion, charisma, and sophistication. It is the city where art was reborn. 

And not only that, but the food here is also something to die for, with pizza cafes around almost every corner. Along with that, you can also visit some of the most famous pieces of art such as David or the Duomo, in countless museums. Truly, if you’re looking to spice yourself up, then Florence is the place to go. 


Home to some of the most famous pieces of Greek Mythology, the city of Sicily stands as a mythical plain for all to wonder. But this is all thanks to the fact that whenever you look around, it would often feel as if you were in a fantasy-type book, where gods and titans lived. Truly, the only reason you should visit Sicily is because of Sicily alone. 

So if you want to be able to experience a place where volcanoes are erupting at a safe distance, soft waves crashing around the shore, and the warm breeze going through you, then Sicily is the place to go to. 


There are a ton of amazing places to go to in Italy. With all its beauty and sophistication, Italy remains to be one of the most unique and outstanding countries for all to visit. So if you ever have the time and money, then just know that it will be worth the trip!…

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The Reasons Why You Should Be In St Louis Right Now.

The city of St Louis is known for its many attractions. Some even say it is a gateway, thanks to the huge arc that can be seen in the city! And though that can be metaphorical, it can also be pretty literal. St Louis is a major city in the state of Missouri and can be found near the Mississippi River. It is a city filled with life because of all the people who come here in order to pursue their passion. Whether it be in the field of cooking or arts, this is the city to go if you truly want to start reaching for your dream. 

And that should honestly be enough just for you to visit the city really! But the Lion of the Valley has so much more to offer. And if you’re really willing to find out, then here are just some of those reasons. 

Public art is everywhere. 

Now, I mentioned this before, but this really is a staple for the city itself! You will never see another city with this much art all around you! You can just take a casual stroll around town, and you’ll probably see 10 or more pieces of art just by that small walk alone. And more than that, it is sure to motivate you to do your own art as well! 

But if public art isn’t your thing, then we also have some of the most impressive pieces in our museums. From pieces from Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald to the ones from Damon Davis and Katherine Simóne Reynolds. You are sure to find that the city is almost like the capital for art! 

The Music. 

In St Louis, the music industry has never actually been one of the best in the state. But in recent years, more and more people are coming out with their amazing songs and albums! With people like Tonina Saputo to the collective HEARding Cats. The music here is undeniably growing, and you’re going to want to be a part of it. And who knows, you might even start recording and publishing your own songs here! The Gateway to the West welcomes all artists that wish to become big in the world. It’ll only be a matter of your own passion when you do get here. 

The Arch. 

A list of St Louis greats will not be complete without the iconic arch that you can see all over the city. But, I bet you must be wondering why is there a huge Arch over in that town? Well, let me take you down to a little history lesson here. You see, the Arch was built in order to honor the early 19th century explorations of Lewis and Clark. Now, you may not know, but they were the ones responsible for the western expansion of America. So there is a lot of history where that arch came from. 


In short, St Louis is an astounding city, with a rich history, and a promising future. This is all thanks to the people that live here and their ever-growing passion! It is an amazing experience to just live among them, so make sure that when you’re passing by, get a glimpse of the Arch that embodies the passion of the people living here. …

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