The Reasons Why You Should Be In St Louis Right Now.

The city of St Louis is known for its many attractions. Some even say it is a gateway, thanks to the huge arc that can be seen in the city! And though that can be metaphorical, it can also be pretty literal. St Louis is a major city in the state of Missouri and can be found near the Mississippi River. It is a city filled with life because of all the people who come here in order to pursue their passion. Whether it be in the field of cooking or arts, this is the city to go if you truly want to start reaching for your dream. 

And that should honestly be enough just for you to visit the city really! But the Lion of the Valley has so much more to offer. And if you’re really willing to find out, then here are just some of those reasons. 

Public art is everywhere. 

Now, I mentioned this before, but this really is a staple for the city itself! You will never see another city with this much art all around you! You can just take a casual stroll around town, and you’ll probably see 10 or more pieces of art just by that small walk alone. And more than that, it is sure to motivate you to do your own art as well! 

But if public art isn’t your thing, then we also have some of the most impressive pieces in our museums. From pieces from Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald to the ones from Damon Davis and Katherine Simóne Reynolds. You are sure to find that the city is almost like the capital for art! 

The Music. 

In St Louis, the music industry has never actually been one of the best in the state. But in recent years, more and more people are coming out with their amazing songs and albums! With people like Tonina Saputo to the collective HEARding Cats. The music here is undeniably growing, and you’re going to want to be a part of it. And who knows, you might even start recording and publishing your own songs here! The Gateway to the West welcomes all artists that wish to become big in the world. It’ll only be a matter of your own passion when you do get here. 

The Arch. 

A list of St Louis greats will not be complete without the iconic arch that you can see all over the city. But, I bet you must be wondering why is there a huge Arch over in that town? Well, let me take you down to a little history lesson here. You see, the Arch was built in order to honor the early 19th century explorations of Lewis and Clark. Now, you may not know, but they were the ones responsible for the western expansion of America. So there is a lot of history where that arch came from. 


In short, St Louis is an astounding city, with a rich history, and a promising future. This is all thanks to the people that live here and their ever-growing passion! It is an amazing experience to just live among them, so make sure that when you’re passing by, get a glimpse of the Arch that embodies the passion of the people living here. …

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