The Best Cities to Visit in Italy.

There is no doubt that Italy is a sight to behold. Her countless fields, spectacular views, beautiful people, breathtaking art, and mouth-watering food has made the country a must-visit for just about everybody in the world. It’s a place that everyone has put into their bucket list of places to go during their lifetime. But if you had the chance to go now, would you know where you would want to start? 

To help with that, this article has included three of the best cities to go to during your stay in Italy. It may not be all of the best, but these ones should not, under any circumstances, leave your list. So without further ado, here are the best cities to visit in Italy. 


Rome is one of those places that you only seem to see in the movies. It feels so surreal and looks like a complete fantasy. With its defining architecture like the Colosseum, or the Sistine Chapel, it’s an undeniable stop for tourists to come and visit. Not only that, but the city is home to some of the best foods you will ever taste in all of Italy. And that should be enough reason to go there, really. 

There is no place like Rome anywhere in the world. From the crowded streets filled with tourists to the intagrammable alleys around every corner. The city is one place you should always try to visit. 


Although Rome takes the first place for the best places to travel to in Italy, Florence is a close second because of her unrivaled beauty. Home to what seemed like the biggest change in Italy, the Renaissance, Florence flaunts herself as the pinnacle of fashion, charisma, and sophistication. It is the city where art was reborn. 

And not only that, but the food here is also something to die for, with pizza cafes around almost every corner. Along with that, you can also visit some of the most famous pieces of art such as David or the Duomo, in countless museums. Truly, if you’re looking to spice yourself up, then Florence is the place to go. 


Home to some of the most famous pieces of Greek Mythology, the city of Sicily stands as a mythical plain for all to wonder. But this is all thanks to the fact that whenever you look around, it would often feel as if you were in a fantasy-type book, where gods and titans lived. Truly, the only reason you should visit Sicily is because of Sicily alone. 

So if you want to be able to experience a place where volcanoes are erupting at a safe distance, soft waves crashing around the shore, and the warm breeze going through you, then Sicily is the place to go to. 


There are a ton of amazing places to go to in Italy. With all its beauty and sophistication, Italy remains to be one of the most unique and outstanding countries for all to visit. So if you ever have the time and money, then just know that it will be worth the trip!

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