Three Must Do’s in the city of Seoul.

South Korea has been all the buzz these days, thanks to its flourishing entertainment industry that has taken over the world by storm. Whether it be K-Dramas or K-pop, I’m sure you’ve noticed their popularity one way or another. 

And the main city where all of this is coming from, is Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is an absolutely stunning city filled with so much to do and so much to see, but with so little time. So to help you out, here are three must-do’s in the city of Seoul

#1 Go Shopping. 

Shopping is something that you should never take off your list when visiting the city of Seoul. Or any city in South Korea for that matter. 

The city is filled with shopping centers like the Express Terminal Underground Center, which is a shopping center underground, Myeongdong, where you can buy all of your cosmetics, and much more! So shop till you drop here in Seoul! 

And if you want to bring some gifts back to your family or friends, then Insandong has got you covered. Here, you can buy traditional souvenirs that really show Korea’s history and culture. So make sure to get some on the way out! 

#2 Go to a jjimjilbang. 

A jjimhilbang is basically a bathhouse, and is something every tourist should be able to experience! Because here you’ll get to experience more than just a regular shower with hot water. 

In a jjimjilbang, you can get a seshin, which translates to a full-body scrub. But it comes with a bit of a twist! You see, they use traditional methods to do this body scrub, and it can get pretty painful, so be sure to get ready for that. But the end result is worth it, as you’ll come out of the bathhouse feeling refreshed and a new person! 

It’s something that you can only experience in South Korea, and the best way to go about it is by visiting one of their jjimjilbangs! So make sure to get one while you’re in the city! 

#3 Indulge in the food. 

The food in South Korea is unlike any other traditional western food. It involves a lot of fast-paced chewing and really makes the person work for their food. Plus, there are a bunch of varieties to it! 

The best one is probably eating at some of their samgyupsal, which basically has you cooking your own food, but with unlimited side dishes and meat. You can also have some of their street food, which is pretty quirky and interesting, to say the least. Some favorites are hotteok, which are sweet pancakes, and kimbap, which are seaweed rice rolls

You can, and should, never go hungry in the city of Seoul. Even if you can’t find a nice restaurant to it in, you can always be sure that a street vendor will give you what you need to eat! 


The city of Seoul is an interesting and fun place to visit! With various shopping centers, traditional bathhouses, and endless amounts of street foods, you’ll find yourself moving a lot around the city. And that’s how it should be! Because Seoul is a city that livens up your soul!

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